Why We Make Preserved Eucalyptus Shower Bundles Vs. Fresh

One of my favourite things is having fresh flowers in my home. Bringing organic things inside seems to breathe life into the house, especially during the cold winter months. But the worst part about fresh florals? They just never last long enough. It always causes me a little bit of pain to watch them wither away all too soon. Fresh eucalyptus, like most florals, only lasts a couple weeks before it has to go into the waste bin, which means that fresh eucalyptus shower bundles don’t get to see many showers before they need to be discarded. 

So what’s our better option? Preserved stems for eucalyptus shower bundles that last months longer than the alternative. Here are some of the reasons we use preserved over fresh stems when creating the perfect shower bundle.

Eucalyptus Shower Bundle from Eucalypt Co.

Longer Lasting:

The most obvious reason we prefer preserved over fresh, is that our shower bundles last for up to six months in the shower. Fresh eucalyptus will dry out and die within three weeks, so the cost per use is much higher. Our eucalyptus shower bundles don’t require any maintenance, so they’re the perfect little bit of luxury that is worth every penny for every soothing spa moment you get to have.

Less Mess:

The leaves on many fresh florals will either wilt in water, or dry out and crumble. I don’t know about you, but cleaning my shower is enough of a chore without also having to clean up crumbled leaves off the floor of it. Even though our shower bundles are preserved, they still maintain their soft, supple leaves that don’t dry out. 

Steamy Shower with Eucalyptus Bundle for aromatherapy from Eucalypt Co.

Same Great Scent:

The scent of fresh eucalyptus is hard to beat, and it’s true that our shower bundles may have a slightly more mild fragrance at first whiff. However, when the steam from the shower releases the oils from the preserved eucalyptus leaves, we think you’ll find that they’re just about as fragrant as their fresh counterparts. Still not enough for you? Here’s a pro-tip: give your shower bundle a good squeeze to release more of the oils, or even cup your hands around your nose right after to get as much of that fresh fragrance as you can.


One of my favourite things about our eucalyptus shower bundles is that I still have my first one hanging in my home! After the fragrance began to fade, it found a new home in my front foyer. Shower bundles are great aromatherapy, but they’re just as beautiful as home decor. Hang it from a hook, pop it into an empty vase, place it on a shelf, and give your shower bundle new life!

We’ve done the work finding the best shower bundle option so that you don’t have to! Now all that’s left is to start the shower, take a deep breath, and say “ahhh…”

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