The Benefits of Eucalyptus

It’s no secret how much we love eucalyptus–it’s in our name! But aside from it looking beautiful and fresh, and smelling just as good, did you know there are actual health benefits backed by science to having eucalyptus in your shower? Eucalyptus oil has several benefits in addition to the lush fragrance. Here are our top three favourite reasons to have eucalyptus shower bundles in your home.

Preserved Eucalyptus Shower Bundle up close

Reduces Stress:

Studies have found that breathing in eucalyptus can ease anxiety and even lower blood pressure. We can’t think of a better way to start your morning than by feeling calm and at ease just by stepping into your shower. The major component in eucalyptus oil called eucalyptcol, is the reason why you might feel more zen on a day when our eucalyptus shower bundle is part of your morning routine. Goodbye, stress. Hello, serenity. 

Clears Your Sinuses:

Okay, who didn’t get sick multiple times in 2022? If your house is anything like mine, the colds and flus that went around were on a constant rotation. One of my favourite remedies for coughs and runny noses? A hot shower with a eucalyptus shower bundle. Inhaling eucalyptus oil through the air can reduce inflammation in the sinuses and nasal passages, and clear mucus that causes coughing and congestion. It can even assist respiratory health day to day for conditions like asthma. 

Relieves Pain:

Being a woman, mom, and even just an adult human has taught me that aches and pains are unfortunately a pretty normal part of life. Nothing says you're getting old quite like being sore after just sleeping wrong. But did you know that inhaling eucalyptus oil has been shown to reduce the sensation of pain? Combine that with a hot shower on those aching joints and muscles and you're in for some all natural pain relief. And we can guarantee that a eucalyptus shower bundle is cheaper than the chiropractor (although that would probably help too!).


We love a shower bundle to freshen up the look and smell of our bathrooms, but we love a product even more that has so many added benefits. And because Eucalypt Co. shower bundles are made from preserved eucalyptus stems, they’re the gift that keeps on giving for months longer than the alternative. So do yourself a favour and get your at-home spa experience started!

Eucalyptus shower bundle being used in the shower for stress relief

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